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After feeding 5,000, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Gather the food that is left over.  Let nothing go to waste’  (John 6:12).  Connecting Tables honors that command by turning prepared food surplus from local businesses into nutritious meals for those in need.   Surplus food (that would normally be disposed of) is collected, repackaged in microwavable to-go containers, labeled with nutritional information, and placed in free meal fridges in the community, where those in need are able to help themselves to a free meal with no questions asked.

While more than 40 million Americans suffer from food insecurity and hunger, it is estimated that nearly 35% of our country's food ends up in landfills each year.   Connecting Tables not only helps combat food insecurity and reduces food waste, it provides an opportunity for local business and volunteers to make a positive impact in our community. 

Since its inception in September 2022, Connecting Tables has donated over 5,000 free meals, nearly 5 tons of food, the hungry and hurting of Livingston County

We are currently looking to expand this program and seeking:

  • A larger space to collect, refrigerate, and repackage the food.

  • Locations within the county to place "free meal fridges" that could house our meals 

  • Food based businesses in the area that would be interested in donating their food surplus 

  • Volunteers to pick up surplus food from local businesses, help pack & label individual to-go containers, and deliver packaged meals to local "free meal fridges" in the area

  • Supporters to help cover the cost of containers, labels, supplemental food, and delivery.

Learn more about the Connecting Tables Food Rescue Ministry by watching the following  2 minute video 

Everyone Benefits!
In addition to making a positive impact in our community, food generating businesses that donate surplus food to Connecting Tables may also benefit from reduced compost/disposal costs and enhanced tax benefits.  Deductions for donated edible food are higher than what can be claimed for food losses (see IRS Publication 526).  And there is no risk to the donating organizations.  Between the insurance that we hold and The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, donors are protected from liability when their food is donated in good faith using safe food handling procedures.  

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