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We are excited to partner with Cornerstone Christian School and Whisk and Ivy in our mission to feed hope, faith, and love to those in need around the world. 

Whisk and Ivy is donating their talents and resources to provide CCS school lunches at cost, so that 100% of the proceeds can be used by us to benefit impoverished, orphaned, and refugee student living 8,600 miles away in Thailand.

students feeding students.PNG

Who the lunch money will help us support:


Mercy Pattaya is a Christian based nonprofit in Pattaya, Thailand.  They scholarship about 50 students from the slums each year, providing an educational opportunity that would otherwise not be available.  In addition to paying for the cost of school uniforms, shoes, books, and supplies, Mercy Pattaya also provides monthly food staples to the students and their families, and offers weekly English classes and bible studies.  Since the end of 2021, we have been sponsoring Mercy's monthly food distributions to their students as well as larger community-wide handouts.  We also had the honor of helping make last year's Christmas party for the students an extra special one.


A house in the slums of Pattaya

proj 2535.PNG
scholarship kids.jpg

Students receiving a food and new shoes

L & C Learning Center is a Christian based school in Mae Sot, Thailand along the Myanmar border.  This school rescues displaced refugee children who have escaped to Thailand, from their home country of Myanmar, due to political unrest and war.  Many of the kids are orphaned or have been separated from their parents.   L & C provides them a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, an education, and teaches them about Jesus.  Without the shelter and safety of L & C, these children would be living in refugee camps and at high risk to predators.  L & C has been blessed with a brick structure to operate out of.  They do not have running water and use electricity very sparingly because of the cost.  The children bathe in the nearby stream and are only fed two meals a day (mostly rice and beans),  which they prepare for themselves.  This school is currently operating with 160 due to the increased violence in Myanmar and number of children needing shelter.  

Students preparing pumpkin for dinner

The students at L & C singing Jesus Loves the Little Children during our visit


Students accepting the donations during one of our visits

CDTC is another Christian refugee school in Mae Sot that houses nearly 200 children.  Without the luxury of a building, CDTC students live in dorms made of tree branches and doors, no windows, no beds.  


A friendly game of volleyball


One of the girl's dorms


A student sleeping platform in the dorm


The girls all dressed up for church


A classroom

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