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Help us feed the people of Thailand.  As a 501(c)(3), all donations to The Ivy Table are tax-deductible with the IRS.

The Table in Thailand

The Ivy Table helps feeds and cares for hundreds of people living 8,600 miles away in the country of Thailand.  In partnership with several Christian organizations, we provide roughly 3 tons of food and other basic necessities every month to underprivileged children and families in that country.


Mercy Pattaya is a small nonprofit organization in Pattaya, Thailand.  We support their ministry by providing a hot lunch every Saturday to about 50 underprivileged children during weekly English classes.  We also sponsor monthly food distributions and community meals to about 100 families living in the slums.   

In early 2023, we adopted the Baan Ruemjal Church, a small Christian church ministering to families in one of Pattaya's poorest neighborhoods.  In addition to providing financial support toward the pastor's salary and paying the monthly electric bill to keep the church building open, we host weekly lunches to all who attend their Saturday morning service and provide bags of rice that the church is able to share with members of their community in need.

About 8 hours north of Pattaya, in Mae Sot, Thailand, The Ivy Table sponsors weekly Sunday Suppers  and cooking gas to nearly 500 children living at 2 refugee schools along the Myanmar border.  These schools (Love & Care and Children's Development Training Center) provide safe housing, food, and an education to refugee children who have lost their homes or have been separated or orphaned from their parents as a result of the unrest in their home country of Myanmar(Burma). 

We are so blessed to partner with such incredible organizations to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people living half way across the world.  In order to oversee the projects that we fund and strengthen the relationships that we have there, we send mission teams regularly to offer additional support.   Learn more about these trips HERE.


Take an inside look at one of our food distributions in Pattaya, Thailand.  Dozens of volunteers spend 3 days shopping, packing, cooking.  On the day of distribution, people from the community begin arriving early in the morning for a spot in line.  They sit outside on the sidewalk in the 100 degree heat all day long, not wanting to miss their chance to receive a free handout.  By early afternoon, hundreds have gathered and the police arrive to help with crowd control.  Each person in line receives a bag of rice, fresh eggs, cooking oil, fish sauce, canned fish, noodles, snacks, water bottles, and a hot meal.   What a blessing to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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