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Our rendering of the building after upgrades

The BIG Dream

Many years ago, God placed on our heart the dream of having a brick and mortar space in our community, a space where people of all ages, all religions, and all income levels, could gather together for great food and meaningful fellowship.  We now believe that we are being called to make that dream a reality, and He has directed us to the vacant Alexanders building (formerly Brighton House) at 10180 E. Grand River, Brighton.  The space was fully renovated in 2013 (with a new commercial kitchen, venting, electrical, HVAC, and roof), but has been then closed in 2017.  We would love to give this building new life, and use it to bless not just those within our community, but people worldwide.   In addition to giving us the space needed to grow our programs, renting it out when we are not using it would provide the regular income stream needed to make our ministry more sustainable in the future.  The benefits of having this space include:

  • A large commercial kitchen that would allow us to increase our food production AND be used as a commissary kitchen to other small businesses food based businesses

  • A 1400 sf dining area that would host our pay what you can cafe (select days a week), bible studies, support groups, etc. AND be used as a small event venue for parties of up to 125 people

  • A 300 sf conference room that would provide an office space for our team AND be used for small meetings, bible studies, support groups, etc.

  • Raised garden beds where the community can grow, harvest, and enjoy fresh herbs and produce 

  • A free meal fridge, where anyone in need of a nutritious, ready to eat meal could stop by at anytime and take one, no questions asked

The BIG Ask

We have already seen God at work in so many ways toward making this dream a reality, but we could still use many prayers and financial pledges.  


  • Our application with the township has been preliminarily approved on May 14, but will be formally voted on by the planning committee at their monthly meeting June 10.  Please pray that it passes smoothly.

  • We had a building inspection scheduled for May 20, that had to be rescheduled for early June.  Please pray that any hidden problems with the structure or mechanical equipment are discovered.


After purchasing the building and doing some minor renovations to it, we estimate that the cost of this project will be around $1,100,000.  We know that's a huge number, but God has already shown that His is more than able to make it happen.  Our original goal was to secure 50% of the project costs before moving forward, but after raising that amount in just under 3 weeks, we believe that God's plan for us was even bigger!  We now are aiming to raise all $1,100,000!  Every little bit helps.  What level of support can you give?  


       $200,000 x 1 donor = $200,000 

       $100,000 x 2 donor = $200,000   

       $50,000 x 4 donor =   $200,000

       $25,000 x 4 donors =  $100,000

       $10,000 x 10 donors =$100,000 

       $5,000 x  20 donors = $100,000 

       $2,500 x 40 donors =  $100,000

       $1,000 x 50 donors =   $50,000

       $500 x 100 donors  =   $50,000     

       GOAL 231 donors = $1,100,000        ** An incredible $574,100 PLEDGED as of 5/19*

In addition to financial donors, the project will require volunteers to help with demolition and cleaning.  We will also need contractors who are skilled at construction, painting, asphalt sealing, windows/doors, flooring, security cameras, generators, gutters, landscaping, and more​.  How can you help?

Thank you!

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