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Help us show love to the people of Thailand with the gift of food.  


Although Thailand is a popular vacation destination for travelers worldwide because of its beautiful islands, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, many of its people live in great poverty.  For those surviving on very little, with make shift homes and dirt floors, their greatest need is simply to be fed.

Thanks to some amazing partnerships in that country, we are able to provide nearly 3,000 meals every single month to Thailand's underprivileged.  Our current focus is on two different areas of the country.


To the north, in Mae Sot, we provide both Sunday breakfast and supper to roughly 500 Burmese refugee children who have been separated from their parents and are living at a Christian boarding school that provides them with shelter, safety, and an education.

To the south, in Pattaya, we feed families living in the city's poorest slum neighborhoods.  Here, we provide monthly pantry food packs containing rice, noodles, dried fish, beans, and cooking oil to over 250 families.  We also sponsor hot meals each week at a local church in addition to free community dinners.


With each meal, we provide help, give hope, and shine the light of Christ in a country that is 95% buddhist and only 2% Christian.

Join us in showing love to the poor, orphaned, and refugee children of Thailand by supplying them with the gift of a meal.  Here's a sample of what your gift can purchase:  


  • $50 will provide one child with an entire year of Sunday Suppers (52 meals)

  • $100 will provide one family in the slums with an entire year of monthly pantry packs

  • $250 will sponsor one free community dinner for a neighborhood in the slums

Make a tax-deductible contribution to The Ivy Table by

  • Checks mailed "The Ivy Table" c/o Jessica Smokovitz to 8358 Airport Lane, Brighton MI 48114

  • Major credit card using the following link:  

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